Kings Active Training Contractor Process

The stages below will outline the process you will follow in order to become a Kings Active Training Contractor. Each stage will contain a full set of details and instructions.

Stage 1: Skype Interview with the Recruitment Team

Before your interview you will need to do the following:

  1. Ensure your Kings Profile is up to date or you have sent in an up to date CV
  2. Read the Training Contractor Job Description
  3. Research our Kings Active clients along with the Coaching Professionals (Kings CampsNCL, MSC, Crystal)
  4. Have your availability through out the year to hand

You will be notified at the end of the interview on the outcome and next steps.

 Stage 2: Skype Interview with the Operations Team

Your second interview will be to assess your delivery and test your leadership skills. This Skype interview will be conducted by our Operations Team.

You will be informed of the outcome shortly afte the interview.

Stage 3: Pre-Employment Checks

Congratulations! You’ve sucessfully qualified as a Training Contractor and are part of a small group that we can trust to deliver The Kings Factor®, which is an energy, passion and commitment to child development.

To ensure you are work ready please send in the following documents:

Your recruiter will inform you when you will need to apply for following:

Click here to send us your Documents

 Stage 4: Training

Once all your documents have been provided you will be contacted by the Operations Team to arrange your training. This will be held in our Sheffield Head Office.

 Stage 5: Work hard and have fun!

Once you are fully compliant the Recruitment Team will be in touch regarding ship assignments.

We will send you your ship assignments, flights and transport to the airport.

You are now ready to board the ship, do a job you love and see the world.

The Operations Team will be in contact you throughout your assignment and will expect all reports to be completed and returned within 5 days of the end of the assignment.


General Information


Once you have submitted your expenses, you will receive payment within 2 weeks. Please use the Kings Active Time Sheet.

Travel Expenses

King’s Executive Assistant will arrange and pay for your travel to and from the airport if you reside in the UK.

Trainers living outside the UK will need to fund their travel and expense it back. The expense form is found here.

Additional travel overseas between ports and hotels (that hasn’t already been prearranged by the client) would be arranged and paid for by the Trainer and claimed as an expense.

Flights and Accommodation

Kings will send your flights and accommodation details by email.

Emergency Contacts

Should your flight be cancelled or you are experiencing some travel difficulties, please contact Debbie Hall on 07710628650.