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If you’ve got any questions about our cruise opportunities, don’t worry –  the Kings Recruit team are here to help!  As a starting point, we’ve tried to answer the most common questions below.

1. How long is a seasonal contract?

In short, it depends on the cruise line.  We recruit seasonal staff to work anywhere from 2-weeks to 4-months.  Seasonal contracts are a great way to see if ship life is for you!

2. How long is a full-time contract?

Full-time contracts are usually 6 months in duration.  At the end you will have a break of around 6-8 weeks before returning to ship.  Full-time staff are generally expected to work on ship for more than one contract so if you want to do a one off cruise, a seasonal contract may be more suitable.  Full time contracts can be offered to you after a seasonal contact depending on your performance.

3. How many hours will I work per week?

On average, cruise staff members work 7 days per week, for up to 10-12 hours per day.  You will get a good break for lunch and an evening meal within this.

4. Is there a minimum age to work on a cruise?

Yes there is, you must be at least 18 or 21 years old for our international opportunities, dependant on the cruise line.

5. What travel documents do I need?

To be considered for a position overseas or on a cruise, you will need a current passport with at least 12-months validity. Depending on the role you are offered, you may be required to obtain additional visas or work permits. Every cruise job requires you to have a medical assessment with a recommended medical practice.

5. I want to work with my friend/partner, is this possible?

If you want to work with your friend/partner we will try our best to place you on the same ship, however it cannot be guaranteed.

6. Can I have time off during my contract?

Due to the nature of the roles you will not be able to have time off whilst you are in contract.

7. Will I get paid?

Contracts provide you with a monthly salary, shared accommodation, uniforms, and usually return flights.

Applying for Cruise Work

8. When should I apply to work on a cruise?

We recruit all year round!  There are always opportunities for full-time and seasonal staff so, whatever your preference, it is never too soon to show an interest!

9. What qualifications and experience do I need?

We recruit for 7-different cruise lines and each has slightly different requirements.  As a general rule you will need to have relevant qualifications and a minimum of 18-months experience working with children.  However, if you have lots of experience and the right personality we would still love to hear from you!  Please complete a Kings Recruit profile and we will be in touch if a suitable opportunity becomes available.

10. What is the interview process for cruise ship positions?

Once you’ve completed your online profile a member of the Kings Recruit team will arrange an initial interview to assess your suitability for the role.  If you pass the first stage interview, you will then have a second interview with the cruise line themselves.  Depending on the position you are recommended for you may have further interviews!

11. I’ve got the job! What happens next?

Congratulations! After you have been offered a role you will be required to get ‘ship ready’. This includes arranging medicals, Visas and police checks.


12. Do I need a medical?

All cruise staff need a medical and there are no exceptions.

13. Why do I need a medical?

Due to the nature of the position, a full medical is required to ensure you are not putting yourself or any passengers at risk while onboard!  Insurance companies also need to ensure you are fit and well to cover you medically whilst you are onboard.  Medical treatment is free on ship for crew members.

14. What does the medical involve?

This varies depending on the position you have been offered.  Generally your height, weight, eyesight and general fitness is checked.  Certain medicals may also include blood tests and drug screens.  If you have any concerns it is best to let you interviewer know as soon as possible.

15. How much will a medical cost?

The cost of the medical can range from £100 to £400 depending on the company you are applying to work for.  Crew members are expected to pay the upfront cost of the medical.  Your medical covers you for a full 2-years.


16. Which Visa will I need?

Generally all staff need a C1D Crew Visa.  This can be obtained from the US embassy in London, or the Consulate in Belfast.  It costs $160 USD (£100) and this will be reimbursed by the cruise line once you are on board. Other Visas such as Chinese and Australian may also be required. This will be communicated to you once you have been offered your ship assignment.

17. How do I apply for a Visa?

A Visa application can only be made once you have a confirmed job offer.  For more information, have a look at our useful guide.

18. How long does it take to get a Visa?

You usually have to wait 3-4 weeks for an appointment at the embassy however this varies depending on the time of year and in the height of summer it can take longer.  Once you have attended your Visa interview it usually is returned in 7-working days.


19. How will I get to my ship?

Depending on who you work for you will either fly to meet your ship, or travel to join the ship in a UK port.  Either way, we will make sure you get there!

If you are flying you will fly out the day before you are scheduled to join ship and will have hotel booked for the night you arrive.

If you are meeting the ship in a UK Port, you can choose the best route to make your way to port. Travel expenses will be reimbursed with receipts.  You will travel to port the day before you are scheduled to join and accommodation will be provided for you.

Whichever way you have travelled to the port, on the morning you are scheduled to join you will be collected and transported down to ship with the other cruise staff!

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