Work Abroad – FAQs

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If you’ve got any questions about overseas opportunities, don’t worry –  The Kings Recruit team are here to help!  As a starting point, we’ve tried to answer the most common questions below.

 1. How do I apply for a position to work overseas?

If you’ve heard a glowing report about Kings from a current staff member or have simply stumbled across us using an internet search it doesn’t matter, what matters is you now want to apply!

To apply just complete a profile – it’s easy! Create a profile

Including as much information as possible improves your selection opportunities and please provide your phone number as this is how we get in touch with you.

2.When is the best time to apply?

We recruit for overseas positions throughout the year so the sooner you apply the better! Keeping your profile up-to-date is a great way of increasing your chances. You can also apply directly for certain roles buy clicking the ‘Apply Now!’ buttons where you see them (you must also have a Kings Recruit profile).

3. I have completed my profile, now what do I do?

Once you have completed an online profile you don’t need to do anything! Based on the preferences you have selected you will be contacted via phone or email by one of our lovely team, as suitable positions become available.

4. I have completed my profile but have not received a response, when will I hear from you?

We receive around 20,000 applications each year meaning we can’t respond to everyone so we apologise in advance if you don’t hear from us. The good news is with our new application system you don’t need to apply year after year, all you need to do is make sure your profile is always up to date! We’re always looking for good people who stand out from the crowd, love working with children and want an amazing experience. Your profile is the way to show us that’s you!

5. Can I send Kings Recruit my CV?

When you start the process to create a profile you will given the option to upload your CV (the best formats are either a Word or PDF document).

6. I don’t want to fill out an application on Facebook because I am giving sensitive information. Is there another way to apply?

We understand that at first when you see the Facebook logo you may get slightly nervous! Rest assured, however, that your information is only stored on our servers and is not viewable to anyone else on Facebook.  If you still do not wish to apply using this method then you can click the button on the main application page which says ‘Click here to get started without using Facebook’.

7. I have completed an online profile, how do I log back in to view & update it?

If you have completed your profile via Facebook then firstly log into your Facebook profile.  Once on your homepage you should see an Apps section on the left hand side of your screen.  Click the ‘Kings Recruit’ App and this will take you through to your profile.  Alternatively, if you did not originally use Facebook you can log in here

8. Is there a minimum age to work for Kings?

Yes there is, you must be at least 18 years old for our international opportunities.

9.   I would like to a voluntary overseas position with Kings, is this possible?

Kings Recruit don’t currently provide voluntary opportunities. If you’re interested in volunteering with children and young people in your local community though, and are looking for a fun and inclusive way to incorporate sport and activity – have a look at our partner website

10.   What qualifications and experience do I need to work abroad?

This varies depending on position and partners we work with. As a general rule you will need to have relevant qualifications and a minimum of 18-months experience working with children to be considered. However, please complete a Kings Recruit profile and we will be in touch if a suitable opportunity becomes available.

11. What travel documents do I need to work overseas?

To be considered for a position overseas or on a cruise, you will need a current passport with at least 12-months validity. Depending on the role you are offered, you may be required to obtain additional visas or work permits.

12. I want to work with my friend/boyfriend/girlfriend/partner, is this possible?

Friends can not apply to work in the same resort/destination. If you are a couple we will try our best to place you in the same resort or on the same ship, however it cannot be guaranteed.

13. Will I get paid?

The contracts provide you with have a monthly salary, accommodation, uniforms and return flights to & from the UK.

14. Can I have time off during my contract?

Due to the nature of the roles you will not be able to have time off whilst you are in contract.

15. What should I take with me for a job working abroad?

Deciding what to packin your suitcase for 6 months away from home can be a dubious task, luckily we’ve created a handy list of the things you might need for your new job. See it here!

16. What is your safeguarding policy?

Kings Recruit is part of The Kings Foundation, which is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. Safer recruitment is central to the way we work and all staff and volunteers are expected to share our commitment to safeguarding, always creating an environment where young people feel safe and can thrive.

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