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A Carnival Cruise isn’t just a holiday – it’s an experience guests take with them, even after it’s over

Offering seasonal and full time work aboard a wide range of cruise ships all year long, Camp Carnival/Ocean Staff know how to switch on the fun!

Camp Ocean/Carnival Staff

To parents, a cruise may be just the time for chilling, but “relaxing vacation” certainly isn’t on a kid’s bucket list! Slow-time for parents is go-time for kids, and Carnival is glad to accommodate the little adrenaline junkies with a range of activities that get them up and, of course, having an absolute blast. Camp Carnival/Ocean Staff provide age-appropriate activities like treasure hunts, obstacle courses, sports competitions and playground outings that are a step up from similar stuff back on land. Camp Carnival staff, are on the clock making sure everyone in the small groups of kids are having fun.

All age groups, Penguins 2-5yrs, Stingrays 6-8yrs, Sharks 9-11yrs,  stay busy, keep active and have fun as they enjoy all new ocean-themed activities.


Circle C Staff

What does the “C” in Circle “C” stand for? Well, “chill”, “connect” and “cool”, just to name a few. It’s where young teens ages 12 to 14 go to hang out, meet new friends, and enjoy some pretty awesome activities like dance parties, games, outdoor movies and more, in the special Circle “C” area or around the ship. It’s all supervised by friendly and fun-loving staff who want young teens to have the best vacation ever!

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