Packing to work overseas

Packing to work overseas can be daunting. Fitting your whole life in to just one or a number of suitcases is tough, especially if it’s your first time working overseas. From clothes and toiletries, to electronics and paperwork, we’ve put together a handy guide to help you pack for your exciting new role!


Your paperwork is the most important thing you will take with you, whether you’re working on a cruise ship or resort. You should pack:

In the very unlikely event your documents are lost or stolen, you should also have digital copies of everything. The Adobe Scan app allows you to create a pdf of your documents from your phone in seconds. Save your documents and ensure you can access them from anywhere you go for peace of mind.


Both jobs on resorts and cruise ships generally require you to wear a uniform, which will be supplied on the first day. This means you won’t even need to think about what to wear for most of the time. You should take:

When selecting clothes, choose items that are low maintenance and can be worn together in lots of combinations.


Essentials such as shampoo and shower gel can usually be picked up wherever you go – however it’s a good idea to take some travel sized bottles to get you started. When packing you should think about:

Try to pack essentials, rather than nice-to-haves. You may love your perfume collection, face masks and pedicure kit – but do you really need to take them with you? Ask yourself if you can cope without it. If the answer is ‘yes’, leave it at home.


In a tech-driven world it’s almost impossible to travel overseas without at least a few essentials. From hair straighteners to iPads, there’s so much you could take, but what do you actually need? We suggest you pack:

Before taking electrical items overseas, make sure they are properly insured. Take a look at your insurance policy documents and select one with gadget cover to ensure you are covered for theft, loss and damage.

The items everyone forgets

Finally, there’s the essentials everyone forgets. They’re only small, but you’ll thank us when you need them:

From jobs on cruise ships to roles on resorts, providing you add these essential items to your list, you should have everything you need!