NCL – Life on board

  1. Where will I be going and how do I get there?

    Our ships visit some of the most beautiful places. From the scenery of Alaska to the fun Caribbean and every port imaginable, NCL is there.
    For most assignments, Norwegian Cruise Line will provide full transportation from your home to the ship and back for the full assignment period. In some locations, we’ll even have someone meet you!

  2. What should I pack?

    We recommend that you pack for a 1-week trip and consider bringing items that are on the suggested packing list. You are provided with uniforms (which are laundered for you) so all you need are off-duty clothes. There are times when you may be called on to participate in a formal event, so one dressy outfit is worth packing. There are washers and dryers on the ship for you to take care of your clothing along with an ironing area.
    While you’re on board, the medical doctor on board will provide you medical care but if you are on medication, you will need to take enough to last your entire contract.

  3. What’s my cabin like and what about food?

    Your crew cabin has 1, 2, 3, or 4 bunk beds, desk and chair, T.V. and telephone. Space is very tight. Your bed sheets will be changed once a week and bath towels.
    You are given 4 meals a day at no cost to you. You have half an hour for each mealtime. Meals are buffet style in the crew mess. You are offered a variety of meals to savour your palate. While the ship is at port you can play tourist and try different restaurants with your friends. There are shops on board that you can shop from and purchase toiletries, cigarettes, candy and all those conveniences of everyday.

  4. What’s my schedule like?

    You work 7 days a week on the ship and more than 10-hour days. When you are off duty you can go to the crew gym, your cabin, crew area and watch large screen T.V. If the ship is at port, you can get off and enjoy the sites. There is also a crew welfare member who plans activities for the crew such as crew bingo, barbeques, parties, etc. There is also a crew disco and lounge.

  5. Are there any rules for staff members?

    You can drink when you are off duty and not scheduled to work. You must be over 21 years of age to be served a drink in the crew bar. Reporting to work under the influence or hung over is cause for immediate termination. Breathalysers are used.
    NCL also conduct random drug testing on the ship and searches. Drug distribution and use is cause for immediate termination.
    Dating on the ship of crewmembers is allowed. Dating guests is forbidden, it will be automatic grounds for termination.

  6. How can I stay in touch with home?

    If you want to keep your cell phone, it will most likely work at the different ports of call. There are phone cards to buy on ship. When at sea, your cell phone will also work through the satellite, but be careful — international roaming charges apply and can be expensive.
    There is internet access on many of the ships; at very reasonable rates you can have access to the internet. There is an internet cafe for you to receive and send emails as well as venture into the world of the web.
    Mail arrives once a week to the ship.

  7. How and when do I get paid?

    You are paid once a month in a pay card (ocean pay). We recommend that you pay your bills via the internet as wire transfers have a fee. Direct deposit is not available, however, you can do wire transfers of your salary for a fee. You can also take cash advances not to exceed 50 percent of your monthly salary. If you are assigned to an international ship, it will be your responsibility to report income earned when you return to your respective country.

  8. What happens at the end of my assignment?

    Each assignment concludes with a performance review. Based on the evaluation, you will be asked to return. In some cases, we can even provide a return assignment before you even leave the ship.