Kings Camps Contract FAQ’s

Q. What does it mean when I accept the contract?

A. Accepting your Kings Camps contract confirms you can work for us for us during the dates and location listed. Please therefore double check your term dates and any pre-booked holidays before signing. You’ll also need to ensure you can travel to the venue in good time for camp starting (you’ll be asked to start from 8am). 

Q. I can only work part of the season…

A. We want to ensure we have a strong teamwork ethic on camp, therefore  for the best experience for all involved, we look for continuity all season. We expect full availability but, if you have an unavoidable commitment, please let us know so that we can work with you to find cover for the date(s) you may be unavailable. If you are not 100% sure that you will be available to work, please decline your contract – if you decline you can re-apply later in the year if your circumstances change. If you have already signed your contract and need to withdraw, please call us on 0114 263 2155 to discuss. You’ll be asked to confirm the reason for your withdrawal in writing. 

Q. What will happen after I have accepted the contract?

A. Once you have clicked “accept” you will need to work through the pre-employment checks that appear at the top of your contract screen. All of our contracts are subject to a minimum requirement of 2 satisfactory references and an enhanced disclosure with barred list check to work with children. You may also be required to completed additional paperwork according to your role so you must ensure you read through your requirements.  Once you have completed each action, simply mark as complete until all actions are showing as completed ready for you to start work.

Q. What do I do about uniform?

A.   If you are a new Red Top, you don’t need to do anything! You will be allocated a full uniform on your first contract of the year at no charge.

Each year thereafter, we’ll provide two new replacement t-shirts at no charge.

If you already have a uniform, you won’t be required to order anything new however please make sure all items are clean and presentable.

If you’d like a refresh or need additional items, see the Uniform Requests section on your contract dashboard. You can order new items as you desire and can change your mind about any additional uniform choices or size up until 4 weeks prior to the start of camp, just log back into your profile, cancel your current order and make a new request. The items will be delivered to the induction day of the next camp you work at, and the costs for additional requests will be deducted through payroll.

Q. I have a DBS check already, do I need a new one?

A. Child protection is our number one priority and we are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. Safer recruitment is central to the way we work and all staff and volunteers are therefore expected to share our commitment to safeguarding. This includes completing an enhanced disclosure with barred list check. We offer an enhanced DBS check through The Kings Foundation, or if you are registered on the DBS update service we may also be able to perform an update on your current DBS certificate. If you are a Scottish Resident, we can support you in joining the PVG scheme or ask you to add us to your PVG Scheme Membership.  Without a complete enhanced level check, other staff will be given hours in your place until this has been completed.

If you are a returning member of staff, you may have already completed a DBS or PVG check with us – please be aware we perform DBS updates annually and all staff are required to undertake a new DBS check with Kings every 3 years so please review your certificate dates!

If you already have a DBS with another organisation, we will consider accepting this -but only if you are signed up to the DBS update service. We will need to request to see your current certificate and so please send the certificate to:

Kings Recruit
Osborne House
47 Snaithing Lane
S10 3LF

Please include permission for one of our team to perform an update on your certificate. We will complete the check and return your certificate ASAP to the address on your profile.

If you do not hold a DBS or a PVG Certificate, you will need to apply for a new Kings DBS check or join the PVG scheme with Disclosure Scotland. You will need to make an application as soon as possible. Please click here for full details on how to do this.

Q. How do I know I have done everything you need?

A. If your contract reads ‘verified’ this means you are ready to move onto your training and pre-camp induction.

If your contract is not verified, you will need to complete any outstanding actions on your contract screen in order to get paid. Please click here to login to your profile to see what is outstanding.

Q. What training do you offer?

A. We will have both online and in-person training before you begin your role on camp:

Online Training

Online Learning is our ultimate training guide to prepare you for Kings Camps UK, with modules specifically tailored to your role on camp and an in depth safeguarding and child protection course. This should take around 3 hours to complete in total but you can pause and return to each module as required. The online training modules that appear on your training screen are specific to you and you’ll be tested on your knowledge at the end of each course. All staff are required to attain an 80% minimum pass grade – after which you will be able print off your certificates to take with you to your camp induction day. Please keep an eye on your emails for the online learning launch. Your login details can be found on your contract screen. 

Induction day

All camps have a pre- camp induction day to prepare you for the season ahead, attendance is compulsory and forms part of your contract. There will be no children- this is your opportunity to see the venue and facilities (and complete any risk assessments and paperwork), meet your team, collect your uniform, and prepare equipment for camp. Please keep the weekend before camp available to attend your induction (you will be paid for this day!) You will need to take your passport and your online learning certificates with you. Your site manager will be in touch to confirm the date and time and anything additional you may need to bring.

Q. When should I expect to hear from my Manager?

A. Your manager should be in touch around 2 weeks before the start of camp, if you’ve not heard anything 1 week prior, give us a call. They’ll arrange the details for induction day and will ask you to come  prepared for a great start to the season, they’ll also set their expectations and be able to answer any questions or queries after training. 

Q. How do I get paid?

A.  After a fantastic time on camp, you will receive an electronic payslip via email. Pay dates are spit across the season (every 4 weeks) and you will be paid into the account you detailed on your contract. If you need to change this information, please log back into your contract dashboard under ‘Payment Details’.


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How many children will I be working with?

The exact number of children you work with each day may vary however our staff to child supervision ratios are as follows:

5-6 year olds –  1 staff member to 8 children

7-8 year olds – 1 staff member to 16 children

8 year olds and above – 1 staff member to 20 children

Full details about supervision and ratios is available in our online training. 

How can I progress and develop at Kings Camps?

We’re always keen to promote from within and there are a number of ways we recognise top performing staff. We operate a detailed staff evaluation process each season with structured feedback and support from your Manager. The highest performers will also be given a unique Fast Track Pass which provides opportunities for step up days, camp swap opportunities and much more.  

Keeping in touch

If you have any queries along your Kings Camps journey, you can call us on 0114 263 2155 or email

Please also keep in touch with us through our Facebook group Kings Camps – Red Tops where there will be regular posts about upcoming camps, you can ask questions, post your own pictures/ videos from camp and talk to other contracted staff around the country!

Congratulations again on your contract, if you have any questions before camp please don’t hesitate to let us know