Interview Task: Manager

Welcome Talk

As a part of your role on camp you will be responsible for leading the camp welcome each morning. This is where you would introduce yourself and your coaching team, set out the rules of camp and inform children of any procedures. It is also essential you use this opportunity to set the tone of camp and make sure you bring The Kings Factor®! 

Top Tips:

You will be required to deliver your welcome talk on interview as if you were addressing the camp on the first morning.

If your welcome talk is up to scratch, then we’ll proceed with the rest of the interview, however if we don’t think you’ve displayed the necessary skills at this point then this will be the end of your interview.

This is your chance to shine so please be as creative and innovative as possible!

What makes Kings different?

 Kings Camp is not your average sports camp, we look for our staff to display what we like to call The Kings Factor®!

What is The Kings Factor® you ask?

It is the ability for our staff to not only deliver high quality sports sessions but also to have unrelenting energy and enthusiasm to ensure every single child in our care reaches their potential. The Kings Factor® demonstrates itself in the chants, dances and ‘craziness’ that are a part of every camp throughout the UK.

Please watch this short youtube clip to see what we are talking about!

 You may also find it helpful to visit the Kings Camps website.