Interview Task: Cricket Coach

So that we can learn as much as we can about you during the interview we need you to prepare BOTH of the below tasks, you will be asked to present either 1 or both of these during the interview


Task 1 – Morning Welcome

As a part of your role on camp you will be responsible for leading the ICS camp welcome each morning. This is where you would introduce yourself and your coaching team, set out the rules of camp and inform children of any procedures. It is also essential you use this opportunity to set the tone of camp.

Please plan a 3 minute morning welcome speech; you will be required to deliver this on your interview as if you were addressing the camp on the first morning.

For information about camp please visit the International Cricket Schools page on our website.

Top Tips:

This is your chance to shine so please be as creative and innovative as possible!


Task 2 – Timetable

You will notice from the ICS timetable that every Friday is Cup Final Day. This is an opportunity for the children to display what they have learnt through the week including cricket skills, games and chants!  Parents are invited to come along and watch, so this is an ideal opportunity to showcase your camp.

Please plan a Cup Final Day which needs to include an inter-group challenge and an example of how you would organise the cup final.  Plan for having 20 children aged between 5 and 10 years old.  You would also have 1 assistant coach to help you.


Best of Luck!