Interview Task: Assistant Cricket Coach

So that we can learn as much as we can about you during the interview we need you to prepare the below task, you will be asked to present this during the interview.

Task: Session plan

As a part of your role on camp you will be responsible for assisting the ICS coach in the delivery of cricket based games and activities. Please pick one of the skills sessions on the ICS page on the website and create a 30 minute session plan that you could deliver to a group of 16 children aged between 5 and 10 years.

We will be looking for your session to include the following:


You will be asked to present your sports session on Skype so please take this into consideration and make your task as visual as possible.

If your session is up to scratch, then we’ll proceed with the rest of the interview, however if we don’t think you’ve displayed the necessary skills at this point then this will be the end of your interview.

This is your chance to shine so please be as creative and innovative as possible!

Best of Luck!