Deciding on your next seasonal job

As the UK’s leading childcare recruiter, we know a thing or two about matching you to your perfect job. If you’re considering a seasonal childcare role and you’re not too sure where to start – keep reading, as we’ve created a simple guide to help you decide.


How much relevant experience you have will go some way to highlight or eliminate the roles available to you. Relevant experience could range from volunteering at a local sports club, to working as a teacher. As part of each job description we outline the level of experience you need to apply.

If you have some experience of coaching 4-17-year olds, you could apply to become a Multi-Sports coach. In your interview you’ll be assessed to see if you have the right experience. If you do you could be offered a paid role. If we feel you still need more experience, we’ll invite you to join us as a Work Placement – where you’ll get to show us what you’re made of on camp be assessed to see if you’re ready to be counted in ratio!

With more experience under your belt, you’re eligible to apply for roles overseas. Some roles ask for 1-2 years’ experience, which could be coaching or teaching. Other roles, such as with Carnival UK, prefer qualified teachers who want to get paid to see the world during the school holidays.

Take a look at our latest vacancies to see what experience you need for your dream role.


If you have a relevant qualification or degree, we want to hear from you.

Studying Childcare? You’re the perfect candidate for our resort roles. Each year we recruit for villa nannies and resort staff across the Mediterranean in the summer and on ski resorts in the winter.

Those of you with a degree and relevant experience are eligible to apply for Multi-Sports coach roles on our UK Activity Camps. If you have the right experience, you could also apply for Sports and Seasonal Youth Staff with Royal Caribbean.

Each year we also recruit a number of special coaches to work at camps across the UK. If you have a Level 1 Cricket Coaching Qualification, FA Level 1 Football Coaching Qualification or a Level 2 Swimming Teachers Certificate/ASA Level 2 Certificate, you could be one of them!

Finally, if you’re a teacher, you could see the world in the school holidays. Carnival UK recruit teachers to work onboard to deliver their children’s programmes, making you the perfect fit for the job!


Before applying for any role, make sure you have the time to commit to it. Some of our roles are seasonal, and others are set contracts. Here are some of the things you should consider:

Am I available during the summer holidays? If the answer if ‘yes’, hit apply! You don’t need to commit to the full summer holidays, but a good number of weeks is preferable.

Can I be away from home for 6 months at a time? What would you need to organise in order to live overseas for six months? Would you move back home? Do your possessions need to go into storage? Can someone look after your cat? And will your best mate be OK if you can’t be there to be his best man?

Moving overseas may be a big commitment, but it’s an amazing adventure.

I want to apply for a cruise job and keep my teaching job? Easy! You can apply for our roles with Carnival UK.

Next steps

If you’re ready to apply for a role in the UK or overseas and you’re not sure which is right for you, complete your profile here and speak to a member of our team!