Stage 4: Ship Assignment and Final Documents

Stage 4: Ship Assignment and Final Documents

Now that you have received your ship assignment you must ensure all documents are uploaded to your C-TRAC profile.

Final Documents

You are now required to book and obtain the following documents:

  1. Book a Medical Appointment
  2. Attain a Visa Appointment (C1/D, Seafarer’s BookAustralian, Chinese) – This is dependent on your ship assignment. Please confirm with Kings Recruit.
  3. ACRO criminal records police check (Required if current is older than 2 months, country requesting check is America)
  4. Complete the on-line STCW Security Awareness Training (this will take 2-3 hours)
  5. Send your chosen Referees (as per your CTRAC profile) the Reference template which can be found HERE
  6. As you prepare to start your first contract on-board, you are probably wondering ‘What Should I Pack?’
  7. Visit the FAQS page for any questions you may have

Your C-Trac Profile should include the following documents:

We advise you to start collating your documents in a folder as these will need to be accessible when boarding the ship:

  1. Passport
  2. Visa/Seaman’s Book (with original receipt for reimbursement)
  3. Letter of Employment
  4. Original Medical
  5. STCW Certificate

You will not be able to board the ship without the original documents.

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