Security Awareness Training (STCW)

On-line Security Awareness Course

As of the 1st of January 2017, all newly hired crew members must undertake a STCW Security Training course.

Here is the link to complete your online Security Awareness Course.

The course will take 3/4 hours in duration and you can sit the final assessment straight after studying the material included. This is included in the cost (£60).

This course covers all the basic information required to carry out security duties on board and help you to have a heightened security awareness. This course is a legal requirement and aims to ensure you can:

Upon successful completion of this STCW Security Training course you will be provided with a certificate. Please upload it onto C-Trac and print this off to take it on board.

Ensure you are completing the course provided by Marlins as this is the accredited one required for your position on board Royal Caribbean.

Good luck!