Life on Board Royal Caribbean

Life on-board is unique, and you may wonder if this is the right environment for you. Consider this:


Assignments are determined by position, on average are approximately four to six months working on-board, with six to eight weeks of vacation time.


All cabins are designed to maximize efficiency, and depending on your role on-board, you may share a cabin with one or more teammates. Working and living in close proximity with your colleagues will take some adjusting, especially in the first six to eight weeks. However, this is an excellent opportunity to develop strong friendships with fun and interesting people from all over the world.

Work Environment

See more. Do more. Be more. Royal’s award-winning operations are the perfect environment to achieve your career and personal goals. Though it can be very rewarding, it can also be challenging, and it will probably take some time to adjust to the pace of it all. Because it’s a 24-hour operation, you can expect to work long hours, seven days a week. Time off is limited, even while the ship is in port; however, you will still have opportunities to explore different destinations.

Safety Onboard

In order to ensure that everyone is familiar with safety procedures (in case of an emergency), you will be expected to participate in relevant training sessions and drills that occur on a regular basis.

Keeping In Touch

There are several convenient options available:

  1. Internet Cafés – Most of our ships have Internet Cafés where you can stay connected. If you have a laptop, some ships have wireless connection available in your cabin. (A small per-minute fee will apply in both cases.)
  2. Phone Calls – Telephone communication is available via satellite on-board; however, because it is very costly and reception could be unpredictable, crew members usually prefer to call friends/family from public telephones that are conveniently located at most ports. (Phone cards are also available for purchase on-board, and at most ports of call.)
  3. Mail – Mail is usually received at every homeport and is distributed as soon as possible. Sending mail is easy, and stamps are available at any port where you can send mail.