Stage 5 Visa Application

You will now have received your Letter of Employment from Norwegian Cruise Line. This document will state your start date and ship assignment. You can now book your Visa appointment. You will need to take this document to your Visa Appointment.

Making a visa appointment

  1. Prior to booking your Visa appointment, you must complete a DS-160 Application Form.
  2. Once you have completed your DS-160 application, you need to create an account here and pay for your Visa. The cost of the C1d visa is £115. (You can pay an extra £18 for a delivery upgrade which will ensure the Visa is returned to your house or business address in 5 working days).
  3. After paying for your visa you will be able to book your appointment on-line. Should you need to call the number is 020 360 56998. (Please note that you need to have paid for your Visa before calling this number to make an appointment).

Please note: You will need to allow 10 working days after your appointment to get your passport back if you don’t pay for a delivery upgrade.

Instructions for completing your DS-160 application form for Norwegian Cruise Line

Whilst completing your DS-160, the following information will be needed:
1. For place of stay whilst in the US – detail NCL’s Head office
2. NCL Head Office Address: 7665 Corporate Center Drive | Miami FL 33126,
3. NCL Contact number is: (305) 436-4000
4. NCL are funding the trip
5. King’s Recruit are the Crewing Agency – our address is The King’s Foundation, 47 Snaithing Lane, Fulwood, Sheffield, S10 3LF
6. NCL Ships do not have an ID number – please enter your assigned ships name eg, Epic, Jewel Etc
7. For arrival & length of stay – please put down assigned arrival date & duration of contract for stay (eg 3 months, 6 months)

Here is a short video to help you fill in your DS-160

Attending your Visa Appointment

For this application you will need a photo, you have the option of taking a photo with you or you can get one done at the London embassy for £5.
Please be aware of security requirements at the Embassy. No mobile phones, keys allowed in the embassy. In London they have a chemist close by for you to deposit these items safely for £3 (see Map)
If you have any blisters or cuts to any fingers or thumbs the embassy will not be able to take your fingerprints and you will be turned away from your appointment.
Visa Appointment Checklist – please make sure you have:
1. PRINTED off the appointment letter
2. PRINTED off the Receipt of payment – (MRV receipt)
3. PRINTED the confirmation letter for DS-160 Application
4. PRINTED your Letter of Employment

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