Stage 4 NCL Pre-employment Checks

The following documents can now be done. Your Ship Assignment will be issued once all your documents have been correctly completed.

      1. Complete the  Online Disclosure Form  (Please use your passport number when asked for a Social Security Number). Send in the confirmation of application or reference number
      2. Print, sign and return the  Background Check (Please enter YOUR name when asked “Acting Agent on behalf of”) along with;
        • a copy of your passport (must be clear and legible)
        • proof of your address (utility bill, bank statement dated within the past 60 days)
        • 5 year address history (Provide dates lived at each residence)
      3. Complete and return the  Crew Data Form (Leave the following blank; visa number, ship assignment, hire date, mapsid, dept, onboard/ship, sign off date)
      4. Download and return the NCL Fingerprint Form

Please send in the remaining documents when completed Click here to send us your documents

Please keep all the original documents together and ready to be presented when boarding the ship. Failure to take all the above original documents can mean refusal to board the ship.

Please note that when you will be employed by Norwegian Cruise Line, you are hired for a specific position but not to a ship and you may be deployed/transferred to different ships as needed. You will have a 90-day probationary period from your start date on board. Any continued assignments will be determined by your performance.