NCL Medical Information

Medical Practices and Information

  1. Print the Medical and read the notes below.
  2. Print the PEME Guidelines for Examining Physicians
  3. The following vaccinations are required for European Ships:
    • Polio
    • Td/Tdap
    • MMR
    • Varicella (Vaccine proof if already had the disease or a Positive Blood Titer report for Varicella as a proof that you have immunity against Varicella)
    • Hep A & Hep B

The following medical recommended practices are listed below:

Dr Richard M. Cooper & Associates
The cost is £450 (as of 1st January 2016) Results take up to 5 days. Proof of Tetanus and Yellow Fever vaccinations are needed from your local GP. If you have not had these Dr Cooper can do these for the following fees: Tetanus £30, Yellow Fever £65. The surgery is ideally located, 5 minutes away from the US Embassy in London, so could be arranged to coincide with Visa Appointment.

Clyde Medicals in Glasgow
The cost is £350 (Male or Female – although this does not include a PAP Cervical Smear) (as of January 2014) Results take up to 10 days
If you choose to attend a medical which does not offer a Cervical PAP you will need to book this separately.You can arrange a separate PAP Cervical Smear at Marie Stopes Clinic which costs £75.

Parliament Street Medical Practice
The cost is €300 euro (Male or Female – this does not include a PAP Cervical Smear or Chest x ray) Results take up to 14 days.
For females a PAP Smear Test costs €80. A Chest x ray costs €80 at a private centre or free at the General Hospital.

The listed practices are aware of the requirements of NCL. Visiting another practice may result in you not obtaining the correct documents. Without approval from NCL you will not be allowed on ship.

1. Each certificate must adhere to the following list:

2. If you have answered YES to the check list the following documents are needed:

Please note that if your Medical is not approved by Norwegian Cruise Line, you will not be able to proceed in the process of employment. Norwegian Cruise Line are not able to reimburse you for any costs.