NCL Interview Task – Teen Counselor

NCL Teen Counselor Interview Task

Please prepare and present the following task during your interview with Kings Recruit.

During your time on board you will be responsible for planning and delivering sports, games and activity sessions on board, providing a fun and safe environment for the Teens aged 13-17 years old.

Plan a party to be held in the Teen Centre. You need to design a poster/flyer to advertise the party and send this through to us prior to your interview (a PDF/Word document is ideal). The poster/flyer must be original and innovative and something that will capture the interests of all teens on board. You will be asked to discuss the party’s activities and schedule in detail on interview. The party must keep the teens engaged from 10pm to 1am. Please feel free to use any props you feel will help you set the scene and describe your session!

This is your chance to shine so please be as creative and as innovative as possible!

Click here to send us your Teen Party Poster/Flyer