Norwegian Cruise Line Recruitment Process

The following pages explain the process a Kings Recruit Candidate will follow in order to join Norwegian Cruise Line

Click here for details of the role of Kings Recruit, relationship to clients as well as some legal rights for candidates. 

After creating a profile and speaking to one of the Recruitment team, you will proceed onto Stage 1. Below is an overview of the process, each link contains a full set of details and instructions. Candidates should proceed to each step only when instructed to do so.

Stage 1. Kings Recruit Interview Preparation

This page includes relevant Job Descriptions and a summary of the responsibilities and benefits when working for Norwegian Cruise Line. You will be informed immediately if your interview has been successful.
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Stage 2. NCL Interview Preparation

After a successful interview with Kings Recruit you would progress onto Stage 2. At this stage you are asked to create a profile with Norwegian Cruise Line and apply for the appropriate position. If your application with Norwegian Cruise Line is successful, you will be offered a Skype interview.
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Stage 3. Essential Documents to Book Immediately

After a successful Skype interview with Norwegian Cruise Line, you will be required to book your Paediatric First Aid Course, Medical appointment and send off for your Police Check. These documents need to be sent to Kings Recruit as soon as possible.

All documents need to be in English – or translated by a certified translator.

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Stage 4. Additional Pre-employment Checks

These additional documents need to be completed and returned to Kings Recruit in order to complete your personal file and to receive your Letter of Employment.

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Stage 5. Visa Application

Once all your documents have been approved, you will receive your Letter of Employment from Norwegian Cruise Line. This will state your start date and ship assignment. You can now obtain your C1/d Visa.

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 Stage 6 . On-line Learning and Information Packs

Please now take some time to read the NCL Information Pack and NCL Theme Examples. These will assist you with the initial information you need on Health & Safety , Uniform Policy, suggested packing lists etc. It is important that you read both information packs before you go on board as you must ensure that you are ready to jump straight into the fun when you get on board. It is your responsibility to ensure you are well equipped to deliver the Youth Program and you need to have clothes suitable for the theme days on board!

Here is the Grooming and Appearance Policy along with the Drug and Alcohol Policy for Shipboard Personnel for you to view.

As part of your pre-employment process, you must complete the Online Learning programme, developed specifically to orientate you before you go on board. You will be given the website and login details by Janet Kim at NCL. If you have not received these 2 weeks before you go on board, then please contact The Kings Recruit Team.

Stage 7. Flights and Arrival Information

Finally, you will your receive flight and arrival information! Please note that you may receive this information only a few days before your start date.

Here is a list of all the documents you need to take onboard:

  1. Passport
  2. Visa (with original receipt for reimbursement)
  3. Original Medical (with original receipt for reimbursement, $150)
  4. Letter of Employment and Contract
  5. Original Paediatric First Aid/CPR Certificate (with receipt for reimbursement, $50)
  6. Original Police Check