Kings Active Associate – Getting ready to go

Congratulations! You’ve sucessfully qualified as a Kings Associate and are part of a small group that we can trust to deliver The Kings Factor®, which is an energy, passion and commitment to child development.

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This page is designed to give you all you need to know about the role and to get you ready for overseas ship visits. There are a number of steps you need to take and a number of different requirements.


  1. Send us a completed Personal Data Form for NCL
  2. Obtain a C1D Visa
  3. Scan and send us a copy of your passport – we need this ASAP to issue essential documentation for your US Embassy appointment
  4. Flight Details & Boarding Letter. As you get closer to your departure date, Kings Active will get your flight information through.  Do not panic if you’ve not had confirmation 10 days before you’re due to depart. This is normal. NCL organise travel for a lot of staff each season.  If you have not heard from us 5 days before departure, then please contact us.

It is important that you take all your documentation, certificates and pre-employment receipts with you to ship. Without all paperwork you will not be allowed to board.


    1. Email the ship you’re visiting to introduce yourself and your role using this template
    2. Read through the NCL Associates Guide
    3. Familiarise yourself with the Assessment report you’ll need to complete (Kings Active Assessment Template). This must be completed and emailed to the Kings Active Head Office on the last day of the assessment.
    4. Check you have details of the Training Survey ( – this will be sent to the YPM after each visit with a request for them to provide some feedback



  1. As part of the process, you must complete the Online Learning programme, developed specifically to orientate you before you go on board. You will be given the website and login details by the Kings Active team. If you have not received these 2 weeks before you go on board, then please get in touch.
  2. Here are some helpful resources you’ll need to be aware of:



    1. Wages are paid at a rate of £55 per working day. Associates will also be provided with: travel to and from assignments, accommodation and sustenance during working days (travel days are not paid)
    2. Expenses will be reimbursed when valid receipts are provided. Mileage is covered at £0.15 (diesel) and £0.12 (petrol) per mile. Internet costs are only reimbursed for time spent completing business activities. You can download the expenses form here.
    3. Emergency Contacts.  Andrew Busby: 0044 7502 561 172 (mobile); Kings Active Head Office: 0044 114 263 2153
    4. Travel Insurance. Full travel insurance is provided for all staff travelling overseas. Click here to download the Travel Assistance Cards.
    5. You can also look at our full Employee Policies here.



It’s great opportunity to do a job you love, and see the world. We love to know how our staff are getting on whilst on board ship. Keep in touch with us and let us have some of your photos and experiences on board.

Happy sailing!