Esprit Recruitment Process

Click here for details of the role of Kings Recruit, relationship to clients as well as some legal rights for candidates.

Thanks for your interest in working for Esprit! You have progressed to the first stage of the process and have been selected to prepare for an interview with Kings Recruit.

Stage 1

To prepare for a successful interview, please read the relevant job description below and familiarize yourself with Esprit.

Winter Nanny Job description

At the end of your interview Kings you will be informed of your outcomes and next steps

Stage 2

After your successful interview with Kings Recruit we are delighted to recommend you to Esprit for a Winter Nanny role!

We will send your details and interview outcome to Esprit who will then contact you directly to offer you an interview and take over the procedure from here. Please do some in-depth research into Esprit so you can prepare for your interview then read our Tips and Hints Guide.

We look forward to following up with you after your interview. Please do keep us informed with any developments and any questions you may have, we are here to help. Good luck!