Carnival Cruise Line First Aid Courses

The First Aid Course must include:  CPR/First Aid for Adult, Children and Infants.

When booking your course you must submit the syllabus stating that the First Aid covers Adult, Children and Infants. The syllabus or letter from the provider must be on letterhead and state the following:

Here are some First Aid Providers you can contact:

St John’s Ambulance – For applicants in England and Northern Ireland.

You can book the following course:

  1. Essential First Aid for All Ages £30 + VAT
St Andrew’s First Aid – For applicants in Scotland

Alternatively you can book the following two courses:

  1. Baby and Child First Aid £75 + VAT
  2. Emergency First Aid at Work £120 + VAT

Click here for a list of courses

Safety Ireland First Response – For applicants in Ireland

You will need to book the following two courses:

  1. Childcare/Paediatric First Aid Course €100
  2. Emergency First Aid €100

Click here for a list of courses

Whichever provider/course you choose, the cruise line needs the first aid course to include the following:

• Emergency life support procedures for adults, children and infants
• Communication and casualty care
• Looking after yourself and the casualty
• Adult, child and infant resuscitation
• Treatment of severe bleeding, chest pain and an unconscious casualty
• Treatment of choking in adults, children and infants
• Treatment of an unconscious casualty

If you have a current first aid certificate, we will still need to confirm the qualification matches the cruise line’s requirements.