Carnival Cruise Lines Recruitment Process

Thanks for connecting with us. You have passed the initial stage of the process to work with Carnival Cruise Lines!

Click here for details of the role of Kings Recruit, relationship to clients as well as some legal rights for candidates. 

Stage 1: Skype Interview with Kings Recruit

Your Skype interview is a great opportunity for you to ask us your questions and for us to ask you some too! We will also provide you with plenty of information about the role.

Prior to your interview please ensure that you add your interviewer on Skype, have read through the job description for Camp Carnival Youth Staff or Activity Host and have done some research on Carnival Cruise Line.

Stage 2: Invitation to the Assessment Day or Skype Interview with Carnival Cruise Lines

Please make sure you have read through the job description for Camp Carnival Youth Staff or Activity Host and done some research on Carnival Cruise Line.

Information for candidates invited to the assessment day:

You will need to prepare the following documents:
1. A copy of your CV
2. A passport sized photo
3. A photocopy of your passport page
4. Copies of your certifications
5. Read through the Information Book of Everything – Youth Programs

Stage 3: Pre-Employment Documentation

After being offered a role with Carnival Cruise Line, you are required to gather various pre-employment documents in order to get on board. Carnival will have sent you a comprehensive list of everything that you need. Gathering the documents can take some time and so it is recommended that you start collating as soon as possible to avoid any delays.

If you do have any questions it is best to direct these to Carnival Cruise Line, however, we understand that you sometimes need someone to talk to over the phone- please call 0114 263 2155 (option 2) if this is the case.

Stage 4: Ship Assignment, Flights and Hotel Information

Once you have completed your documents Carnival will send you your Letter of Employment when their next vacancy arises. You will need this letter for your arrival at the airport and to board the ship.

You will be sent your flights and hotel accommodation for the day before your ship assignment starts. These are usually sent 10 days before departure.

Please remember to read through the Book of Everything for tips on what to pack.

Here is some information which gives you some details and facts about life on board