NCL – Additional Information about Youth Programs

  1. Do Norwegian’s Splash Academy and Entourage Programs offer a Family Welcome Social?

    Yes, a Family and Youth Welcome Social is offered on Embarkation Day. The Youth Program Supervisor will provide useful information in regards to on board Family Activities, Youth Programs, Port Play and Late Night Fee Based Services, Shore Excursions, along with safety information, policies and procedures.

  2. How are children registered for the Youth Programs?

    A one-time registration form is required to be completed by a parent or guardian for each child/teen age 3-17. Children/teens can then participate as frequently as they choose. Norwegian requests that you let the Youth Staff know if your child has allergies and/or is taking any medications by noting this on the Registration Form.
    Once registered identification bracelets are issued to children ages 3-12 when signed into any of the youth Programs. This bracelet is worn by the child while under the supervision of the Youth Staff.

  3. Is there a schedule of activities for Splash Academy and Entourage?

    Yes, Booklets are available on embarkation day. A guideline of activities that take place in the Splash Academy facility/Teen Centre and in different venues around the ship under the supervision of the Youth Staff is provided for each age group.
    Activities are flexible and subject to change based on participants

  4. Are parents / guardians allowed in the Splash Academy Facility and Entourage?

    The parents/guardians are only allowed in the Splash Academy Facility and Entourage Facility on Embarkation Day during the registration process. Otherwise, the Splash Academy Facility and Entourage Facility are “Parent-Free Zones” regardless of which Youth Program is taking place.
    Great family fun is offered throughout the cruise though. Activities are subject to change per ship/itinerary but may include Family Fun Shipboard Challenges, Family Circus Show, Family Movie Night, Family Pizza Making, Family Scavenger Hunts, Family Building Block Hour, Game Show Challenges, and Family Poolside Challenges.

  5. Is there anything offered for children when the ship is docked in port?

    Yes, Norwegian offers Port Play, a group-sitting, free service for children ages 3-12 years old. A minimal fee is charged only during meal times. Port Play is run by the Youth Staff in the Splash Academy Facility.

  6. Is there anything offered for children after 10:30 pm?

    Yes, Norwegian offers Late Night Fun Zone, a group-sitting, fee-based service for children ages 3-12 years old. Late Night Fun Zone is run by the Youth Staff in the Kid’s Crew Facility. It opens nightly from 10:30 pm to 1:30 am

  7. Is special-needs care provided in the Splash Academy and Entourage Programs?

    Although one-on-one care is not provided, Norwegian Youth Staff can adjust activities for those children that require special care. Advance notice is helpful to the on board staff by contacting Customer Services. Child assessments can be made to place the child in the most age appropriate group to enhance his/her cruise experience.

  8. Can the Youth Staff assist children in the washroom?

    Parents should be aware that Youth Counselors are not able to assist children in the washrooms. This includes pulling up/down pants, buttoning/unbuttoning pants, and/or wiping assistance. A beeper or handy phone will be issued to alert you your child needs assistance. Beepers and handy phones do not work ashore, so at least one parent will have to stay on board when their children are in our Youth Program.