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UK: Senior PHP Developer

This is an excellent opportunity to develop the applications of the UK’s leading sports camp provider for children. Serving a young market, we constantly need to update and develop our systems, use the latest technologies and integrate with new online services.

Working with us is so much more than doing the hours to take home a salary; it’s about contributing to our vision of a world where children and young people are active, happy and inspired to reach their potential.

You’ll be part of a small dynamic head-office team that’s committed to our very real mission of using sport and activity to enrich the lives of children and young people and help them to fulfil their potential. We provide activity camps for children, employment opportunities for young people, professional services to the leisure industry and training and resources for volunteers.

Our main applications are built in PHP using a variety of frameworks, with a RDS hosted MySQL data backend. We integrate these with authentication services from Microsoft Azure and document services from Google. You’ll create new solutions and update existing PHP code, MySQL queries, Vue.js front-ends and relevant server configurations.

You would be responsible for the development and performance of our entire infrastructure, under the leadership and management of the Head of Design and Development. You would carry out development and maintenance projects as well as commissioning external suppliers and managing support contracts. Full details of your responsibilities are shown below.

About the Role

The primary role of the Senior PHP Developer is to ensure that our applications and systems enable the organisation to deliver best-in-sector services to customers and applicants.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Develop new and existing web applications
    1. Ensure the continued high performance of our applications and websites
    2. Recommended improvements to existing applications and systems
    3. Establish requirements for new software and services, both for internal systems and systems for external clients
    4. Code/configure new functionality directly, or commission external developers
    5. Develop reports and data management solutions for staff
  2. Provide support and assistance
    1. Update and fix issues with our IT infrastructure to ensure the continued high performance of our network, servers and clients
    2. Support and train staff in their use of hardware, operating systems and software
  3. Manage our systems
    1. Configure systems (e.g. for new applications, to improve performance)
    2. Ensure our system configuration and staff training complies with applicable IT legislation
    3. Ensure good performance and return from external IT service contracts/subscriptions
    4. Keep the Head of Design and Development up-to-date with systems performance
    5. Other IT and organisational tasks as requested

About you

About us


This is a full-time role (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm), based at our Sheffield Head Office, reporting to the Head of Design and Development with monthly 1:1 meetings and yearly work reviews. The Head of Design and Development will provide technical knowledge and guidance about all aspects of our applications and systems, as well as providing strategic direction for IT.

Salary Guide: £28,000 to £35,000 dependent on experience and qualifications.


To apply, please email Samantha Hay at with your CV and the reasons why you’d be great for this role.

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