The Peligoni Club ‘Rugrats’ Leader

Job Desciption

Peligoni’s exceptional team focuses on inspiring young guests to be all they can be and to make the most of their holiday, in a beautiful setting.

The ‘Rugrats Leader’ is the perfect role for an experienced Childcare Professional, who can curate and lead a range of engaging and exciting activities for children aged 4-5, ensuring just the right balance of action, activity, support and space to learn. You will lead activities from treasure hunts, pizza making, rock painting to leading a unique sports day.

A typical day will involve two or three activities, which take place within the club or the crèche. Children can join in as and when they want to. In between activities, the Rugrats Leader will assist in the crèche, helping to set-up and deliver activities, serving meals, clearing up and covering lunch breaks, working with children aged from 3 months to 3 years. In the evenings, kids tea is offered four days a week during high season as well as a range of creative sessions including ‘tie-dye night’ and ‘party night’ with a disco in The Den.

You’ll need to be creative, full of energy, flexible and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure the young guests have an unforgettable holiday. You will need to plan, create timetables of engaging and fun activities and complete the required paperwork for the role including detailed risk assessments for each activity.

In your spare time on resort, you will have opportunity to explore the island, experience the local food and culture and you will have access to the club’s watersport facilities, allowing you to hone your existing skills or learn new ones in sailing and windsurfing.


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