The Peligoni Club Childcare Manager

Job Description

This is a fantastic opportunity for an experienced Childcare Manager looking for a job they love, in a stunning environment and that shares a commitment to providing a happy, safe and stimulating environment for children aged 4 to 15 to play, learn and develop freely.

The role is varied and challenging, looking after a wide range of ages and leading a small team of childcare professionals, curating a programme of activities that are educational, stimulating and fun for all age groups and ensuring effective communication with parents and carers, as well as the rest of the Peligoni team. Strong organisation skills are required to manage babysitting requests, staff rotas and to ensure that everyone involved in a specific activities knows exactly what is expected of them and when.

You will oversee other programme staff, including the ‘Rugrat Leader’ who will be responsible for leading activities for children aged 4/5, you will work alongside partners to ensure that everything has been thought through, activities are delivered with energy and enthusiasm and children cannot wait for what’s next on the agenda. You’ll also work closely with the Teen Leaders to ensure there is always something for everyone from age 11+ to take part in without it feeling too much like forced, organised fun.

In addition to fun-packed days, evening care and activities are also offered on selected evenings during both low and high season, as well as babysitting. You will also at times work in ratio yourself in the creche (low season).

In your spare time, as well as being able to explore the island and experience the local food and culture, you will have access to the club’s watersports facilities, allowing you to hone your existing skills or learn new ones in sailing and windsurfing.


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