Royal Caribbean UK Medical Practices

The following recommended practices are listed below for UK applicants:

Dr Richard M. Cooper & Associates

The cost is approx £400 (as of April 2015) and includes the MMR vaccination. Results take up to 5 days.
The surgery is ideally located, 5 minutes away from the US Embassy in London, so could be arranged to coincide with Visa Appointment.

St. Andrews Medical Centre (Bristol and Southampton)

The cost at St. Andrews is £410/£420 (as of January 2015). For appointments in Bristol please call 0117 938 0280. For appointments in Southampton please call 07885 962067, these usually occur on Friday.

For more information, please email:

Clyde Medicals

The cost is £350 (Male or Female – although this does not include a PAP Cervical Smear) Results take up to 10 days
If you choose to attend a medical which does not offer a Cervical PAP you will need to book this separately.You can arrange a separate PAP Cervical Smear at Marie Stopes Clinic which costs £75.

Parliament Street Medical Practice
The cost is €300 euro (Male or Female – this does not include a PAP Cervical Smear or Chest x ray) Results take up to 14 days.
For females a PAP Smear Test costs €80. A Chest x ray costs €80 at a private centre or free at the General Hospital.

Each certificate must adhere to the following list:

• The information must be legible.
• The form must be filled out completely with position, ship, date, name, address, sex, new hire, date of birth and nationality.
• The section on CONDITIONS must be completed
• By signing the form, the candidate affirms that all information given is accurate and authorises RCL access to all previous and future medical records.
• Misrepresentation or failure to disclose a previous condition are grounds for rejection.
• The entire section starting with NAME OF EXAMINING FACILITY must be completely filled in by the examining doctor.
• No person with a pre-existing condition or hypertension should be declared EMPLOYABLE unless approved by the Fleet Physician.
• While you can complete all the medical checks separately, we do not advise this as it usually ends up costing more and will definitely take up more time.

If you have answered YES to the check list the following documents are needed:

Supplementary Letter
If you have noted any conditions, hospitalizations, surgical operations or even noted asthma on the form you will need a supplementary letter from a Doctor (GP, Cruise Medical Doctor or Specialist Doctor, depending on personal circumstance). The supplementary letter will need to confirm that you are able to: Lift up to 50lb, you can bend/squat and work without restrictions.

Medication Letter
If you are currently on any medication you will need a letter from your doctor stating the name of the medication, the history of your condition, date of diagnosis, severity and frequency of condition, hospitalizations and medications used to treat or prevent condition. The letter should state: “The medication does not impair candidate’s judgement during emergency situations and that they can work with no restrictions”.
Female applicants should note that OCP (oral contraceptive pill) is not a medication and so does not need to be declared on your form.