Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Recruitment Process

The following pages explain the process a Kings Recruit Candidate will follow in order to join Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

Click here for details of the role of Kings Recruit, relationship to clients as well as some legal rights for candidates. 

After creating a profile and speaking to one of the Recruitment team, a candidate will proceed onto Stage 1. Below is an overview of the process and each link contains a full set of details and instructions. Candidates should proceed to each step only when instructed to do so.

Stage 1: Preparation for a Skype Interview with Kings Recruit

This page includes information about Royal Caribbean and relevant Job Descriptions. You will need to familiarise yourself with these prior to interview.

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Stage 2: Royal Caribbean Offer Letter

You have had a successful interview, and you are waiting for your Official Offer Letter to be released to your CTRAC account by Royal Caribbean

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 Stage 3: Transitioning to the Talent Pool

Once you have been sent your Offer Letter from Royal Caribbean, and completed the next steps, you will be receive your Employee ID number and enter the talent pool, where you will stay until you receive your ship assignment.

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 Stage 4: Ship Assignment and Final Documents

At this stage you will have been offered a ship assignment. You will now complete your C-Trac profile in order to join your vessel! Timing is crucial at this phase so it is important to keep an open channel of communication with Kings Recruit.

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 Stage 5: Final Steps

After completing your final documents your travel and hotel details will appear on RCL Crew Travel.

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 We wish you luck in your role and look forward to hearing about your adventures!